Anti Reflection Glasses – Worth the Money?

Anti Reflection Glasses

Anti reflection glasses probably aren’t what most people think of when shopping for their next pair. For many, it ranks somewhere below the latest eyewear fashions, top designer brands, and colour and shape preferences. However, anti reflection, also known as anti-glare lenses can give your glasses the perfect finish and are actually one of the most popular lens coatings with our customers. So are they worth the money? We’d wholeheartedly say ‘yes’ and here’s why.

What Are Anti-Glare Lenses?

Anti glare lenses do exactly what they say on the tin – they have a special coating that eliminates bright glare and reflections. Standard glasses lenses let in around 90% of the available light, which means around 10% bounces off as a reflection. That small percentage of light not reaching your eyes can make a surprising difference when it comes to how well you can see, especially in bright or low light.

Anti Reflection Glasses

An anti reflective (AR) coating allows a much greater percentage of light to travel through your lenses to your eyes, which has great advantages for your vision, with glare reduction being first among them.

Beat the Glare

Glare can be caused by both direct or reflected light. It commonly occurs when sunlight bounces off flat, reflective surfaces such as water, snow, tarmac, shiny cars or double-glazed windows. Your phone, tablet and computer screen also produce glare.

As well as being annoying and distracting, glare can cause:

  • eye strain
  • eye fatigue
  • poor vision, especially in low light
  • halos or rings around lights
  • headaches and migraines

How An Anti-Reflective Glasses Can Help You

Anti Reflection Glasses

As well as giving you clearer vision, anti glare lenses can be great as the days get shorter and we’re all spending more time indoors in front of our screens. They’re also great when you’re out and about.

Safer Night Driving

Anti reflective glasses can be really useful if you wear your glasses when driving. As the nights draw in earlier, you’ll be facing more oncoming traffic with the headlights on, where standard lenses can make you feel dazzled by the light.

AR lenses reduce or eliminate that glare, allowing you to experience greater comfort and clarity of vision when it’s dark. That means your eyes won’t be straining to focus, so you won’t feel as tired and will be able to drive at night more safely and confidently. Perfect from those drives back home after a day or evening out with friends.

Talking With Your Eyes

Anti Reflection Glasses

A lot of social cues boil down to eye contact, but glare reflected from your glasses can make it difficult for people to see your eyes clearly. Not great when you’re trying to connect with someone, whether you’re kicking back with friends and family or out on the dating scene! Investing in glasses with AR lenses means you can show off your eyes and enable people to see them clearly and make that connection; quite literally seeing ‘eye-to-eye’.

Make Easy Work of Work

How many hours a day do you spend staring at a screen? Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid screen time, but it often results in eye strain, headaches and tiredness. Anti reflective glasses can reduce the glare that is emitted from both your digital screens and harsh workspace lighting and contributes to eye strain. With clearer vision, you’ll hopefully feelcan get more done at work.

Standard AR Lenses Vs. Premium AR Lenses

Anti Reflection Glasses

So, we know AR lenses are great for your vision, but how do standard AR lenses measure up against premium AR lenses?

All of our standard anti glare lenses are scratch resistant and offer 100% UV protection, which is crucial to protect your eyes from sun damage and reduce your risks of developing conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration.

But with premium anti reflective lens coatings, you can get a whole lot more from your investment:

Enhanced clarity

The clarity you get with AR lenses is unrivalled. They reduce glare even more, as well as offering smudge and dust resistance, so you can spend less time cleaning your glasses.

Improved aesthetics

Standard anti reflective coatings often have a faint green hue which you can see on the lenses, however with premium coatings, this is minimal or non-existent, making your appearance even more natural.

Greater durability

With our premium lenses we’ve given our scratch resistant coating an upgrade with an even more durable scratch guard so you can say goodbye to everyday scrapes and marks. Definitely an added perk if you’re someone who has a habit of dropping your glasses or leaving them around the house.

Anti Reflection Glasses

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