Changing your vision with varifocal lenses

Is vision changing as you get older? Are you finding it hard to focus on objects up close like books or your phone? It may be time for you to talk to your optometrist about varifocal lenses. You can say goodbye to having to carry a pair of glasses for distance and reading. Varifocals accommodate both your near and distance vision prescription in the lens, so you can conveniently go about your daily activities, whatever you need to focus on. They are designed for those who have presbyopia.

What is presbyopia?

varifocal lenses

Presbyopia usually occurs around the age of 40, as the natural lens in your eye slowly loses flexibility, meaning it can’t adjust as well to different distances. People with presbyopia will usually notice their near vision getting blurrier, for example when reading, or looking at their phone.

This means you will need a prescription for near vision, as well as one for distance. Your optometrist will be able to tell you if you have presbyopia during a routine eye exam while they check your vision.

How do varifocal lenses work?

varifocal lenses

Sometimes referred to as multifocal lenses, varifocals include a prescription for near vision at the bottom of the lens and distance at the top of the lens, so you can easily transition your visual gaze without having to take your glasses on and off to see someone from across the room, or a receipt in your hand clearly.

A transitional area in the centre of the lens allows you to view objects at intermediate distances, such as your car dashboard. To increase your comfort, you can pair varifocal technology with an anti reflection coating and UV protection to make driving and outdoor activities more enjoyable, comfortable, and protective for your eyes.

It’s important to get high-quality varifocals to eliminate distortion between the different areas of the lens. Don’t worry – your optometrist will offer you recommendations on the best lenses for glasses you need, based on your specific vision and lifestyle needs so you know exactly what would work best for you and how to make your adaptation as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of varifocal glasses?

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The best varifocal lenses will give you clear vision at all distances. They are the most convenient way to eliminate the need for multiple pairs of glasses if you find yourself forgetting your reading specs at home, or forgetting to keep a spare pair of driving glasses in the car for your daily journeys, or in the office for computer work.

Investing in one pair of glasses for all your vision needs is also great in the long term for your budget, although, we do generally recommend always having an affordable backup pair of reading glasses or distance glasses in case your varifocals ever get damaged and need replacing.

What are the different types of varifocals?

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There are two main types of varifocals. Both offer great visual clarity and improved comfort while doing activities that require you to shift your focus from near to far.

Standard – Offer exceptional clarity at distance, intermediate and close up. You may notice some soft focus at the edges of the lens, however, you will still experience a significant improvement over traditional single vision lenses for solely distance or near vision.

Premium – The best varifocal lenses are premium multifocals designed to give you unparalleled visual acuity and comfort. They offer a bigger range of sizes, so you can choose from a more diverse selection of frames. They also offer a wider field of vision, so you can experience better vision from more visual ranges, and less distortion around the edges of your lenses where your peripheral vision is. Premium varifocals are also designed to be more easily adaptable, so you can put on your new pair of glasses and enjoy improved comfort faster than standard lenses.

What are the pros and cons of varifocal lenses?

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We have already discussed how varifocal lenses can help improve your vision at different distances.

It can take some time to adapt to varifocals. You may experience slight dizziness or a swaying feeling as your eyes become used to being able to see from the top and bottom of your varifocal lenses. You may also experience some blurring of images in the lens periphery as your brain adjusts to seeing things from new angles. Learning to gently move your head to look through each part of the lens can take time, but once your eyes adapt after a week or two, you will quickly discover the benefits of varifocal lenses.

Even if you have worn varifocals before, we advise being careful on steps and uneven ground as your eyes adjust to your new prescription and lenses.

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