How to choose the perfect pair of glasses

A perfect pair of glasses is more than just a visual aid, it reflects your personality. The frame, the lenses, the brand, all play an important role in defining your style. But how do you find the right pair of glasses to match your wardrobe and your face? Top designers from around the world are offering styles that perfectly define and reflect their brand’s philosophy.

Spring/Summer 2022 is expected to feature some of the most unique and fashion-forward eyewear designs that look perfect on the high street and the office, including designers like Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, and Cazal Glasses showing promise to lead the way with stunning new looks.

Let’s review some helpful fashion tips to ensure your new pair of glasses are an extension of your lifestyle and fashion tastes.

Face Shape

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Understanding your face shape is one of the easiest ways to find the right pair of glasses. The most common face shapes are:

  • Round – a frame that is square is best to add structureto the shape of your face
  • Square – opt for frames that soften the angles on your jaw line, such as round or oval frames
  • Heart shape – his shape looks great with most styles of glasses, particularly cat eyes
  • Oval – choose a frame such as an oversized square frame or large round frame to add definition

Always make sure to choose a frame that balances the face and sits comfortably on the bridge. This will avoid pinching or pain from frames that are too small or sliding with frames that are too big. 

Choose a Material

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Designers continue to explore new materials to enhance frame quality and appearance. Among the most popular materials used are metal frame glasses and plastic frame glasses. Both offer countless design options such as different colours and accent features that elevate the look of a pair of glasses. Nowadays, more and more brands are choosing to use higher-end materials for added durability and aesthetics, including pure titanium, Japanese or Italian acetate, or even precious metals.

One of the most dynamic designers this year that pairs both stunning materials and innovative designs is Yohji Yamamoto. Using lightweight materials and flexible construction, Yamamoto has transformed eyewear design and taken creative frame design to a new level.

Choosing the Right Lens

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Whether you are wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses, you’ll want lenses tha provide you with the highest level of comfort and style.

The Cazal 6020 allows you to enjoy exceptional frame styling paired with sun lenses that provide superior protection.

If you are looking to customise your lens choice, we offer a large selection of state-of-the-art lens options featuring the latest vision correction technology. Today’s lens technology is more sophisticated, with thinner lenses and outstanding visual clarity. Add an anti-reflective (AR) coating to improve your eye comfort and reduce glare or protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare with polarised or Transitions lenses.

Don’t forget that the higher your prescription, the thicker your lens may be, so make sure to choose a frame that can accommodate a thick lens. We offer many of the thinnest lens options for high prescriptions so you can enjoy fashionable glasses with confidence.

Use the Virtual Try-n Tool

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Before you purchase a pair of glasses, you want to be sure they suit your face first. Our virtual try-on tool lets you experiment with hundreds of designs so you can find the right pair to suit your style. We are one of a few companies to offer virtual try-on glasses in the UK and have developed technology that gives you the most accurate try-on experience for your convenience.

Want to know if the Tom Ford Ft5575 will look good on you? Simply click the ‘Try’ button and watch as the frames appear on your face, allowing you to better visualize how you will look once they arrive at your door. Our virtual try-on tool lets you see frames from every angle and in multiple colours – the perfect style hack for eyewear lovers!

Take our Style Quiz

Still not sure which pair is right for you? Go ahead and take our style quiz. Easily sort through our catalogue of designers, styles, and colours by simply answering a few questions. We’ll then use that information to put together a customised selection of frames to choose from that work best with your face shape, style preferences, and wardrobe.

Choose a Pair of Perfect Glasses in the UK

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Why not browse our collections to find your perfect pair of glasses in the UK? We’ve even made it easier for you to invest in that dream pair of glasses you’ve had your eye on, thanks to Klarna payments that allow you to enjoy the luxury you love without breaking the bank!

Got a question about which pair of glasses is right for you? Contact us to speak to our Operations Manager Glenn, who’d be happy to help you.