Introducing our kids’ eyewear collections! 

As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their health. Eyesight is a crucial aspect of development and taking proper care of it is essential. We are delighted to announce that with the revamp of our website, we’ve recently introduced kids’ eyewear too! Stocking both kid’s glasses online, as well as kid’s sunglasses so both you and your child look fabulous, see with maximum clarity, and can keep your eyes protected from UV. Read on to learn more about our exclusive children’s eyewear brands. 

Designer glasses for children

kids eyewear

We understand that eyewear for children should be durable, comfortable and trendy, so they love to wear them, and that’s why we carefully selected two luxury optical brands which provide exactly this. We now stock Guess and Tommy Hilfiger optical frames which both feature cool and trendy designs we know kids will love to wear.  

Tommy Hilfiger is currently one of the world’s most recognisable premium designer brands, offering not only eyewear but sportswear, denim collections, footwear and more! Tommy Hilfiger Kid’s eyewear has a wide range of frames with fashionable yet practical designs and colours, with some styles even including a glasses strap – perfect for active children. 

Guess Kid’s glasses are designed with plenty of creativity to match children’s active and vivid imaginations and personalities. With various of colours used throughout their frames, they really have understood the importance of children being able to express their personality through fashion. Guess has been creating eyewear since 19811, with the highest quality materials making them extremely durable, and able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for children.  

kids eyewear

When choosing the perfect frame for your little one you can also ensure they have the perfect lens fitted too. With any glasses frame of your choice, you can select either non-prescription lenses if your child is looking for a fashion accessory or choose kid’s prescription glasses. 

Choosing the right lenses for your child ensures your child is getting adequate support for visual development, and is less likely to experience headaches, eye strain, and other vision-related problems. We offer a range of high quality lenses and coatings like anti-glare from the world’s best lens suppliers that can be fitted into kids’ frames for optimal vision. 

Sunglasses with UV protection for kids 

kids eyewear

Now to our brand new kid’s sunglasses range! From Guess to Tommy Hilfiger kid’s sunglasses, we’ve got you covered when it comes to protecting your child’s eyes from the sun in style. UV protection from an early age is super important as children’s eyes are still developing, and their natural lens is clearer than adults, meaning more light can penetrate and cause irreversible damage in the long term.  

We know how much kids love playing outdoors which is why we only stock the best lenses to offer sunglass to offer 100% UV protection. To ensure sunglasses are doing their job, it’s important to find a shape which ideally covers your child’s field vision and the surrounding skin, so they look through the correct part of the lens and have coverage from as many angles as possible from UV rays.

kids eyewear
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Staying on trend isn’t just important for adults – children often want to keep up with trends and what their friends are wearing too. This is a key component of growing up and growing their self-esteem and confidence which is why we have made sure to source sunglasses that cover a wide range of tastes and styles, with colour schemes to suit every personality, so there is something for every child or teenager.  

Choosing eyewear for kids can be a struggle, and we understand that. If they aren’t happy with their eyewear, they often will neglect to wear it, which can impact their vision health. That’s why we have the option to virtually try-on glasses, allowing your child to try on frames and find the best fit all from the comfort of your own home.  

Shop kid’s glasses online and kid’s sunglasses  

Our selection of affordable and trendy kid’s glasses and sunglasses as well as prescription lenses awaits – so why not get cosy and have a look with your child today?