Here at Lux Eyewear, our driving motivation is to provide the best eyewear for you, so that you can enjoy your lifestyle while looking good and seeing the world around you with the utmost clarity.

Just as we select our frames with care and stock a wide range of styles, we are also committed to providing glasses lenses that are made up by skilled and experienced lab technicians to the highest standards. We’ve got a range of high-quality lens options to suit all your visual needs, whether you’re looking for prescription and non-prescription eyewear.

Distance or near vision lenses – these are designed to correction vision if you’re short or long sighted. If you find yourself struggling to focus on objects far away, this indicates that you are short-sighted, whereas if you can’t see clearly whilst doing close up tasks like reading, this usually means you are long-sighted.

Varifocal lenses – with three prescriptions in one, varifocals, also known as multifocals help you see clearly at near, intermediate, and longer distances. These are usually recommended for people aged over 40 who have presbyopia, which means you have trouble focusing both close up and at distance.

Anti-reflection coating – also known as an anti-glare coating, this helps to eliminate reflections and reduces glare from digital devices and bright light. This in turn also creates a more aesthetically appealing look, as it allows others to see your eyes clearly without the hindrance of reflections.

Thinner, lighter lenses – commonly referred to as hi-index lenses, these improve the appearance and comfort of glasses – perfect for anyone who has a high prescription.

Transitions lenses – these are photochromic lenses which adjust to the light levels around you, darkening from clear, to a sunglasses tint that offers 100% UV protection in seconds. They’re perfect for anyone who frequently goes back and forth from indoors to outdoors, so you don’t have the hassle of constantly swapping between your glasses and sunglasses.

Polarised lenses – this sunglasses lens coating significantly reduces bright glare and reflections from the sun, offering higher contrasts and increased depth perception to help combat eyestrain and give you greater comfort and clarity of vision. They’re great for driving in bright sunlight, or those long summer weekends at the beach, in the park or the countryside.

If you’re not sure which lenses are right for you, simply contact our Operations Manager Sohaib, who will be happy to help you with all your eyewear needs.