Yohji Yamamoto Glasses

We all have our own distinctive look based on our personalities. If you wear glasses, you’ll want them to reflect this too, and when you put on a pair of Yohji Yamamoto glasses, you’ll find exactly that.

Yohji Yamamoto Glasses Frames

Many fashion designers have made the leap into the eyewear world, but few have done it as gracefully as Yohji Yamamoto. The Japanese tailor and designer has imbued this eyewear collection with his philosophical approach to design. Simply put, Yohji Yamamoto glasses frames are above fashion. Standing apart from fads and trends, every design is unique, every frame a work of art. These styles are not just timeless, they are outside of time in a way, impossible to age.

Yohji Yamamoto’s are the best glasses for men who know their aesthetic and want to enhance it with their eyewear. There is an avant-garde element to each frame, with unexpected design elements and features. However futuristic and distinct they are, every pair of Yohji Yamamoto eyeglasses is eminently wearable. Comfort is an essential factor in every style too, meaning your new pair of glasses will feel like an old friend in no time at all.

Innovation is a keyword when it comes to Yohji Yamamoto, whether talking about their design, or creation. Their frames are created using the highest quality materials and processes developed specifically to suit each design, with a high-end finished look that you’ll know as soon as you wear yours.