Cazal Sunglasses

For shades that are striking and out of the ordinary, you have to check out the Cazal sunglasses collection. Of all our designer sunglasses, Cazal shades are some of our most popular.

Cazal Sunglasses Frames

Creative genius Cari Zalloni really knew what he was doing when he took a big step away from mainstream fashion and into the world of hip-hop. Cazal sunglasses frames with their bold, oversized styles were an instant success with the big-hitters of the 80s. Hip-hop chart sensations, including Run-DMC, gave them cult status.

Cazal sunglasses for men have always been popular with A-listers, and we don’t just mean hip-hop stars. Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino are also fans of the brand, demonstrating how these shades transcend cultural barriers. Cazal sunglasses for women are no less popular – trust us - when Beyoncé wears them, you can’t argue with their style status.

Cazal does Style with a capital S. Made for those who want to be noticed, Cazal shades will always turn heads and be admired. For those who like to set trends, you’ll find no better brand than Cazal sunglasses. UK fashionistas have fallen hard for this brand and it’s easy to see why.

Use our virtual try-on to see how these ultra-luxurious sunglasses look on you. Rest assured; the designs aren’t the only thing that are luxurious. Top-quality materials and German manufacturing mean these sunglasses are built to last.