Timeless eyewear styles that have shown they will never stop trending

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Choosing the right frame is about more than trends, it’s about finding a classic piece that is timeless and always in fashion. There are several styles that have remained synonymous with fashion and these glasses remain among the top fashion trends in eyewear year after year. Let’s dive in and review the frames that have transformed fashion, and remained an important fashion accessory in eyewear collections.

Cat eyeglasses frames

Popular with celebrities and influencers since the 1950s, the cat eye has been a fashion staple to many people’s wardrobes. Leading ladies like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor have all been captured wearing the now-infamous cat eye. Not only is it loved for its sleek styling, but it is also popular with fashionistas because it is so flattering on any face. Slimming and angular, this frame draws the eye upward, gracefully framing the face, making it a go-to accessory for fashion movers and shakers. These frames are perfect for rectangle, oval, and square faces.

Timeless eyewear styles


Now one of the most famous vintage glasses, the aviator got its start in the air force, helping pilots navigate their planes with ease. Today, it is a fashion icon that has graced the faces of celebrities and presidents alike, from Tom Cruise to Barack Obama many have been seen wearing these classic frames. Perfect for both men and women, these frames are a fashion must, with their bold appearance and lightweight design, the aviator style is always recognizable. You will be ready to take to the sky the moment you try on a pair of aviators. They are the perfect choice for square or rectangle faces, softening features with their curved design.

Timeless eyewear styles

Round glasses

Round glasses were one of the first designs of eyewear as vision correction became more sophisticated. Since their invention in the 13th century, round glasses were the premier design choice for glasses wearers. Today, round glasses have been a Hollywood favorite for decades. Worn by Spike Lee, Woody Allen, and John Lennon, round glasses are the perfect way to soften an angular face. Available in hundreds of colors and patterns, round glasses are simple, yet fashion-forward. They are a great choice for people with square or rectangle faces, as they instantly provide contrast and definition to the face.

Square or Rectangle glasses

Another popular choice for people who want to make a bold eyewear statement is square or rectangular glasses. These have been a popular choice with celebrities who like to take their vision correction in fashionable near directions. Whether going with the classic wayfarer or something bolder. David Beckham, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez have all been seen sporting square frames while on or off the set. Square frames are ideal for people with longer faces or round faces, as they provide a stunning juxtaposition, creating a more angular look.

Timeless eyewear styles

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