Women who wore glasses whilst making history

International Women’s Day is a chance to look back on the ladies who have helped change the world and broke the glass ceiling. We look at these women who wore glasses with respect and awe as they made strides for women’s advancement in every area from politics to fashion. These women not only paved the way for others but did so knowing that they would be making it easier for generations of women to achieve their dreams. In the past, women were often told to hide their glasses. But true revolutionary women knew that glasses were part of what made them unique.

Women in power with glasses

Countless women from the past have made history while wearing glasses, including:

  • Civil rights advocate Rosa Parks
  • Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  • First lady Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
  • Tennis star Billie Jean King
  • Women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony

These women all proudly wore their eyeglasses while simultaneously making the world a better place for generations of women to come.

Trending glasses for women

Female fashion icons always want to be seen wearing the latest popular glasses for women. From Marilyn Monroe to Princess Diana, these leading ladies have made eyewear a symbol of strength and beauty.

Women in power with glasses

Popular eyeglass frames for women this year include:

  • Oversized frames
  • Pastel and muted colours
  • Futuristic glasses
  • Vintage-inspired frames
  • Wire and metal frames

This season, women are letting eyewear be a symbol of personal expression as fashion seasons kick into high gear.

Cazal glasses & sunglasses

Any female singer will tell you that it takes dedication and perseverance to break into the music business. Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga are two of the most popular female acts of all time selling millions of records worldwide. They transformed the music business, becoming masters of their craft and becoming a driving force behind giving women the power and credit they deserve.


Both have also become fashion icons, with their show-stopping wardrobes that include a love of Cazal eyewear. Lady Gaga has been seen wearing her preferred bolder colours and designs, while Gwen Stefani has been seen sporting classic black and gold Cazal sunglasses.

Yohji Yamamoto glasses

Yohji Yamamoto glasses are more than just a fashion accessory. They are an expression of personal style. Carefully crafting metals into unique designs and shapes, Yamamoto has changed the way people wear glasses. As a result, his eyewear has become works of art for the face. Loved by fashion icons such as Nicole Richie, Willow Smith and Alicia Keys, Yamamoto takes fashion accessorising to the next level.

Women who wore glasses

Known for bold colours and sleek designs, this collection has become a favourite for ladies who want to up their fashion game.

Jimmy Choo

The ‘People’s Princess’ as she became to be known, was also one of the most iconic fashion mavens in history. Princess Diana’s fashion was emulated by commoners and celebrities alike. Fashion designers would clamour for the opportunity to dress the stylish princess, with Jimmy Choo being among her favourite fashion houses. The princess was often seen sporting oversized Jimmy Choos as she travelled the world supporting her many charities.

Her style continues to be copied more than 20 years after her death as a new generation discovers the elegance and power of a woman many simply refer to as ‘The Queen of Hearts’.

Women who wore glasses

Tom Ford

From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Aniston, Tom Ford has been one of the most popular eyeglass frames for women. Blending classic styling and fine construction, Tom Ford glasses have made an indelible mark on women’s fashion. Easy to spot thanks to the trademark T that connects the arms to the frame, Tom Ford has made eyewear a status symbol.

Megan Markle, who has forever changed the royal house of Windsor has frequently been seen wearing this iconic brand. The duchess prefers a cat eye frame, with its face-flattering lines and paparazzi evading silhouette.

Oliver Peoples

Women who wore glasses

The most powerful women in the world have made Oliver Peoples as a staple in their fashion wardrobe. Beyonce and Angelina Jolie are all fans of this legacy brand. Celebrity favourite looks include oversized sunglasses, that offer protection and seclusion on a beach getaway. Another favourite is the classic Siddle, offering lightweight styling and comfort for long days on the set.

Find trending glasses for women online

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