Your glasses style guide for New Year’s Eve

The countdown is on to ring in the New Year. This means many people will still be heading out to celebrate with friends or family, while others will be getting ready for Zoom parties! But wait before you go there, check our glasses style guide for New Year’s Eve and upgrade your wardrobe.

This means it’s also the perfect time to update your designer glasses wardrobe for 2023, starting with a fresh new look for New Year’s Eve.

glasses style guide

The holidays are also a great time to look into replacing any eyewear that may be somewhat outdated now, not only in terms of frames but also the lenses you choose for them. This year saw many more people working from home and generally spending more time in front of screens, causing an increase in eye strain complaints. All the more reason to make it your new year’s resolution to up your style game and improve your vision and comfort with a stunning new pair of specs!

Not sure which pair is right for you? Check out our glasses style guide to find the perfect pair of fashionable glasses for New Year’s Eve and beyond!

Vintage vibes

glasses style guide

Eyewear has never been more popular, with people wearing glasses for fashion and function. This year, we’ve seen the runways filled with eclectic and bold designer glasses frames that allow wearers the chance to express their personalities in all their quirky and unique glory.

Some of the most popular styles right now include modern designs paired with vintage-inspired details. Fashion houses like Jimmy Choo and Tom Ford have all looked to the past for inspiration and styling this year.

Oliver Peoples designer glasses in the UK are also in the mix here, drawing from the golden age of Hollywood with the iconic Cary Grant frame featuring simple detailing and a bold design.

Is less actually more?

glasses style guide

One of the most popular looks for New Year’s Eve has to be the return to gold detailing. Many designer frames are capturing a 1920s glam vibe with bold art deco lines and gold accents. 

In juxtaposition, minimalism continues to dominate the fashion industry with eyewear that reflects clean lines and sleek silhouettes, making both classic gold frames and more understated looks equally as prominent on the current eyewear fashion scene.


glasses style guide

When choosing a pair of specs, you want something that easily transitions from day to night and from work to play.

Style mavens will love the stunning and unique designs of Yohji Yamamoto, whose architecturally inspired designs to allow fashionistas to make a statement in any situation.

Men who want to up their designer glasses frames game, need to look no further than Tom Ford. The pinnacle of men’s fashion, this eyewear brand is the perfect choice for men who want to add bold elegance to their New Year’s Eve attire.

Still not sure which look is right for you? We want choosing designer glasses to be both simple and fun, which is why we’ve got a style quiz to help you discover the best look for your face shape and lifestyle!

Based on your answers we will put together a carefully curated eyewear style catalogue with the frames, colours, and materials you love most. You can also use our virtual try on glasses tool to see how your dream frames will look before you buy. Then all you have to do is pair them with either non-prescription or prescription lenses of your choice.

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